Shanghai Sexposé

Sexy toys and inflatable friends at Shanghai's third annual sex show

service with a smile

service with a smile

It's cheaper to manufacture everything in China, so why not sex toys as well? That said donít ask them to be kinky about it. Itís all business.more

Snacks and street food

Pan-Chinese offerings from Chinaís most cosmopolitan city

bao zi for sale on the street

bao zi for sale on the street

One of the pleasures of living in Shanghai is the great number of street foods and snacks on offer. Granted they may not be the healthiest things on the planet but then again neither are fried chicken nuggets or the breakfast burrito. It is indeed a shame that many expatriates spend their time in Shanghai without ever venturing to try even the tamest of these treats. So, here is a scratch on the surface of what the city has to offer in the way of casual nosh. more

Shanghai Fine Dining

Three Shanghai restaurants to write home about

brised beef shank at tmsk restaurant shanghai

Braised beef shank at TMSK

Shanghai is, more and more, a world class city when it comes to dining. No where else can one sample cuisines from around China, make a foray for decent Italian, and in the meantime find a restaurant that does both. There's still no Mexican food but you can't have it all. more

An Eerie Affair

Phantoms and palaces in the Indian city of Jaipur

rickshaw driver- Jaipur

JAI Jaipur - Rickshaw driver at Choti Chaupar Circle

Roughing it on a journey through the dessert of Rajasthan and exploring the pink city of Jaipur on an ancient and timeless journey.more


history of shanghai


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